Hamster Care 101

 WHERE TO GET ONE: The best place to get one is by adopting one. Craigslist is a great place to adopt animals because they have been handled with. Make sure to do a health check before giving them the money though. The way to health check a hamster is to make sure they have clear eyes, nose, and ears. Also check their teeth to make sure they don't need to be trimmed.

CAGE SIZE: The minimal cage size for hamsters is 425 square inches. Always remember, for hamster cages, the bigger the better. Many stores don't carry cages that big for hamsters and if they do, they are very expensive. So the best way to get one that size is to make a bin cage. They are very easy to make just get a bin measure it to make sure it is big enough, cut a hole in the top, and order some mesh metal wire. either hot glue it or staple it on, and voila! A perfect cage.

DIET:  Be sure to give them a variety of food such as veggies and nuts. I think the best hamster food is This hamster food, and this one. It is very cheap and good for hamsters but be sure this isn't the only thing you give them. But like I said give them variety. 

BEDDING: It is very important to get soft bedding so they are comfortable. I personally use paper bedding, but you can also use Pine or Aspen bedding. The things to stay away from are Cedar and dusty bedding. Because dusty bedding can clog the lungs and Cedar can irritate the nasal and bronchial passages.

TREATS: This is very important because many hamster owners give their hamster treats too much which will cause obesity and a shortened lifespan. If you do want to give your hamsters treats I would say to give it to them 1-2 times a week. The best treats are the healthy ones like Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Lovelies Hamster Treats. They have only 7 ingredients!

WHEEL: Dwarf hamsters need a 6-7 inch wheel while Syrian need 8-12 depending on how old they are and the gender since females tend to be bigger than males.

BOY OR GIRL: It depends on your style, girls (both dwarf and Syrian) are more feisty and will nibble on your hand more often though still make great pets. The males are better for first time owners since they are more gentle and rarely nibble (unless you smell like food). At the the moment I own a male Syrian who is definitely sweeter than my past female winter white.

CHEW TOYS AND ACCESSORIES: The best accessories are wood since they can be used as chew toys too. I have a wooden house that my hamster has been using as a chew toy. The best wooden chew toy pack is ZALALOVA Hamster Chew Toys, 10Pack MSDS Approved Natural Wooden Pine Guinea Pigs Rats Chinchillas Toys. Yes I know, that's a very long name and that's not even all of it! 

 Well, those are the basics of hamster care. Be sure to comment on any questions you might have! 


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